wedding Villa Serego Alighieri Valpolicella Verona

Wedding Villa Serego Alighieri – Verona

As a wedding photographer in Verona I always meet new people, often foreign couples, who choose to marry in my beautiful land. This is how I met Angela and Matthias, who picked the wonderful lodging of Villa Serego Alighieri in the Valpolicella area as their wedding reception location and accommodation…

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wedding at Abbazia del Pero - Monastier

Wedding at Abbazia del Pero

As a wedding photographer in Venice I met a special couple, Stefania and Stephen, from London. For their wedding Stefania and Stephen gathered friends and family from all around the world, in an effervescent assembly of joy and traditions that made their wedding a truly unique event. As customary, the…

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Country Chic wedding in Tuscany

Country Chic Wedding

Marta and Enrico’s country chic wedding has, in reality, been a extended musical feast. Enrico is a musician, Marta a singer, and together with their musician friends and family members turned this event into a real party! We start working the day before, when we gather at the stables of…

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Boho Chic Wedding - Celtic Traditions

Boho Chic Wedding
Celtic traditions – Giulia&Daniele

For Giulia and Daniele, Avalon… and a pain au chocolat played Cupid! This is how this couple met, at an airport café, sharing a sweet pastry and a common passion for the island featured in the Arthurian legend. Since that moment onwards they have always been together, as far as…

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Wedding at Villa di Montruglio Vicenza Italy

Wedding at Villa di Montruglio – Vicenza

Maurizio and Tiziana chose me as their Italian wedding photographer in Vicenza, a lovely town! Maurizio is a jolly guy, always smiling, and he’s very close to his family. In fact, it’s the mum and dad who help their “kid” to get ready. At Tiziana’s, happiness is palpable too, contributing…

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Wedding Castello di Bevilacqua Verona

Wedding at Castello di Bevilacqua
Verona | Giada&Fabio

A wedding is a celebration” they say… then let’s celebrate!! Giada’s house is in turmoil, everyone is running left, right and centre, trying to help. The excitement is palpable: hugs, kisses and watery eyes are all around. All the excitement is for this couple who is today fulfilling a dream…

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Wedding in Arquà Petrarca

How would a reputable love story start? With “Once upon a time”, of course! Once upon a time there was a smiling maiden called Ilana who lived in the shining city of New York. One day, like many others, she attends a work conference. There is nothing much to report…

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wedding at Villa Correr Agazzi Venice

Wedding at Villa Correr Agazzi
Venice – Elena&Elvis

As a wedding photographer in Venice I had the chance to meet a wonderful family. Mum and dad, aka the bride and groom, Elena and Elvis, and their two adorable kids that assisted the couple on their special day. The morning starts with Elvis getting ready, helped by his long-lasting…

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Wedding at Villa Pollini
Padua | Elena&Roberto

I sense a great chemistry when I first meet Elena and Roberto. I noticed it as soon as I crossed the doorstep… The wedding venue is Villa Pollini, in Luvigliano di Torreglia. For years, this estate has been producing regional wines and it’s also an excellent agriturismo in the Euganean…

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wedding villa pisani bolognesi scalabrin

Wedding at Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin

A wedding is like a fairy-tale becoming true. This one, though, is a fairy-tale with a modern touch. Valentina is a gorgeous, cheery lady who today indulges in the attentions of her friends. First comes the make-up and coiffure then she wears that very gown she’s long dreamt about. It’s…

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